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Pet Insurance Ogden, Utah – Everything You Need
To Know About The Pet Insurance Plan

If you have a pet, you, as a pet owner, are probably already acquainted with how much vet visit fees can run you. That is why it’s always a good idea to purchase pet insurance to cover the average costs of maintaining the health of your four-legged family member!

With a good pet insurance policy, you can cover the accidents and illnesses of your furry best friend, along with wellness exams and surgical procedures. Overall, it can cover so much and save money in your bank account.

If you wish to know more about a pet insurance plan from various pet insurance companies, keep reading to see how to save on vet bills for your dog or cat!

Is Pet Insurance Required in Utah?

Luckily, no law states that you need to insure any of your pets, including dogs and cats. If you wish to insure any pets, you can, but there is no legal requirement.

We advise you to choose a Utah pet insurance plan that works best according to your pet’s age and breed. Some dogs and cats require extensive coverage to cover accidents along with treatments for pre-existing conditions.

All in all, you don’t need it, but as your pet ages, the veterinary expenses will add on, and it can come out to be a huge annual cost. To prevent that, as a pet parent, you should consider a pet insurance provider to save on the vet bill.

Utah Pet Insurance Plans

In Ogden, Utah, you can find several insurance companies that offer different plans according to different pet owners’ needs. In this section, we are going to cover the most important plans to allow you to choose the best for your furry friend.

How Much Does a Pet Insurance Policy Cost in Utah?

Well, the cost of comprehensive coverage truly depends on the plan you choose and the hereditary conditions your dog or cat has. Also, your pet’s age and breed will affect the cost, along with the fact that most pet insurance companies don’t offer coverage for dogs over 14 years old, for example.

However, we can compare the pricing for you and find the best plan that works for your needs, such as covered treatments or blood tests, not just accidents and illnesses. Usually, the monthly premium you are expected to pay is between $35 and $50, but it all comes down to the level of coverage.

Discount on Pet Insurance in Utah

If you can save a bit on pet insurance, there is no real reason you shouldn’t. Various insurance policies can cost you plenty of money each month, so it’s best to save a couple of bucks. You can get a pet insurance discount for:

Extra Pet Insurance

If you decide to insure more than one pet, you can save about 10% on the policy. That is great to know if you wish to adopt another pooch.

Club Discounts

For members of certain clubs, such as wholesale or special interest clubs, the club offers a discount for pet insurance. Some wholesale clubs even offer a discount of up to 15%, which is higher than anything else in this list.

Insurance Plan Bundle

You can save lots of money if you purchase more than one policy with a certain insurance company. The discount can apply to your pet insurance if you decide to purchase renters insurance on top of it, for example.

Military Members

Former and active members of the military and their families can get pet insurance discounts through select providers. For instance, Armed Forces Pet Insurance provides a 5% military discount to active or former military members on the policies sold through Embrace, whereas with USAA, military members might save up some more for a maximum 25% discount on pet insurance.

However, pet insurance discounts may vary by state, and you might be required to provide proof of military service to qualify for savings.

Senior Citizens

Seniors looking for flexible pricing should consider Fetch because AARP provides its members with a discount.

Other Ways To Save on Pet Insurance

Besides the discount options listed above, some pet insurers offer additional saving options. Here are a few other ways you can save money on pet insurance and lower your overall cost:

Diminishing Deductibles

If your cat or dog goes without an insurance claim within an annual policy term, your pet’s annual deductible automatically decreases. Several companies offer this deal on pet insurance (known as a “diminishing deductible”), including MetLife and Embrace.

Referral Programs

Some pet insurance companies have referral programs that allow customers to save money or get a reward for encouraging another pet to sign up. For instance, Trupanion offers a $25 gift card for each referral, up to $100 a year. Others allow customers to sign up with a vet’s referral code and get a discount.

Enrolling While Pets Are Young and Healthy

One way to save money on pet insurance is to enroll your pet while still young and healthy. Monthly premiums typically increase as pets age and become more susceptible to health issues. It’s also best to get insurance before any health problems arise so you’ll have coverage if anything comes up later on, since pet insurance does not cover pre-existing conditions.

How to Pick Out the Best Pet Insurance?

We have covered all types of coverage plans and relevant pet insurance companies in Utah. We hope we have helped you pick the best pet insurance coverage with all that information.

Consider how often your furry friend visits the vet annually and whether it has any pre-existing conditions. Also, decide if you want wellness coverage rather than illness coverage, along with your savings level.

For example, if you have enough savings, you can easily wait for the processing of your claim – but if you don’t, faster processing is certainly a factor. As for pet insurance in Ogden Utah, finding a pet insurance company that is fairly easy to work with is principal.

The system is similar to human health insurance – you will have to consider the deductible amount, the percentage, and the annual cap on reimbursement. All that depends on the pet insurance providers, and if all that seems like too much work, contact the JustProtect Insurance agency.

After a quick conversation, we can search the pet insurance policies and find the best pet insurance providers for your needs. No matter what you need – an accident-only plan or unlimited coverage, we can find the best company with the shortest waiting periods for you – just give us a call!

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The best pet insurance comes with a healthy pet deductible for dogs and cats, and there are great preventative care options. If you are interested in Utah pet insurance, contact us today for a free pet insurance quote on an accident-only insurance plan or unlimited coverage!

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